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Business Reporting from Sage Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions are based on the use of Sage Intelligence business reporting software which feeds your data straight into Excel, the “language of business”. Business Intelligence refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making.  Sage Intelligence business reporting helps your managers and staff make better analysis, leading to improved decisions and better company performance.

Sage Intelligence has a long track record in advanced business reporting and has delivered solutions to more than 10,000  installations. We work closely with Sage Alchemex in South Africa to deliver custom solutions for decision making in small and mid sized businesses. Sage Intelligence (formerly known as Alchemex) has been specially adapted to a wide variety of Sage Group Accounting and ERP products and several other accounting and payroll packages. This customisation means that installation and set up is simple and solutions come quickly.  Sage Intelligence has been designed to allow users to easily develop their own reports.

Sage Intelligence connects into and extracts data directly from Sage 50 and many other accounting and payroll packages. These include CRM systems, MS Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Any of these connections can be active simultaneously. This means data from several databases of same or different type can be brought Graphtogether in a single report.

To get you up to speed quickly,  Sage Intelligence has strong training programmes. These include webinars, online videos, tips & tricks, a knowledgebase and a Business Intelligence Community Forum. Working with their committed team, we can provide you with top class support. You can learn more about Sage Intelligence by visiting their website.

Sage Intelligence is grouped into 3 solution sets – Smart Reporting, Analytics and Web Reporting.

Sage Intelligence Reporting helps you fast track your decisions

Sage Intelligence provides reporting solutions that interact with a company’s accounting, payroll and other systems and delivers real-time, automated financial and business management reports in Excel. These reports provide information to support your decisions in the areas of finance, payroll, marketing, sales, inventory and production.

  • The Sage Intelligence Management Pack automates the production of your management accounts, delivering customised consolidated Financial Statements with the ability to drill down to detail. View the Sage Intelligence Management Pack video.   (While this video was compiled for Sage ERP,  with minor exceptions it covers the full functionality provided by the generic product, Sage Intelligence Reporting, which links to Sage 50 (UK)).
  • The Sage Intelligence Dashboard gives you a graphical overview of your business, allowing you to identify trends and drill down to the details. These dashboards are customisable, so you can get exactly the right information to make decisions on your desk every morning. View the short Sage Intelligence Dashboard video.

Standard Reports

Sage Intelligence ships with standard reports for selected databases to fast track solution development and deliver immediate value. Standard reports can be edited and/or cloned and include:

  • Management Pack – delivers automated management accounts and supports drill down and consolidations. Displays balances per General Ledger Account number per financial period for the current financial year, previous financial year and current budget year. Layouts are automatically grouped and subtotalled by Financial Group. Fully customisable using native Excel to suit any mapping and layout requirements.
  • General Ledger Trend Analysis – graphically compares selected GL accounts for the current and prior year by value, with the ability to drill down to detailed ledger transactions for analysis. A great extension to the Management Pack.
  • Management Dashboard – a one page summary of KPIs including financials and sales, showing the top expenses, customers, and products. Supports drill down to product and customer details. Fully customisable.
  • Sales Master – displays Quantity, Cost, Selling Price, Gross Profit and GP% grouped by Sales Code, Customer and Product with an option to select the date range at run time. Fully customisable.
  • Purchase Master – displays purchase quantities and amounts by supplier by product over a selected date range. Fully customisable.
  • Inventory Master – displays stock on hand quantity and value, over/under stocked quantity and value, reorder levels by inventory group by inventory code. Fully customisable.

Analytics drills into your history finding information you didn’t know you had!

Sage Intelligence Analytics includes an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Module for high speed multi-dimensional analysis of large volumes of data.  This helps you discover little known secrets about your business buried in the data. OLAP technology provides you with the ability to easily and cost-effectively create OLAP cubes via the Excel interface.  You can create your own cubes or start with the pre-formatted cube reports for Sales, Purchases and Inventory (available on selected databases only) and adjust them to suit your decision making needs.

View the short Sage Intelligence OLAP Data Mining video

Live information for better decisions wherever you are

For users wanting to extend their reporting solution, Sage Intelligence Web Reporting enables your staff to execute and distribute real time reports across intranets or the internet. Staff can access reports via a browser, no matter where they are in the world.

Users login via password and run up to date reports off your centralised database. The user can choose to have reports delivered in  Excel, HTML or PDF. The reports can be delivered by email, assigned to a file, uploaded via an FTP site or sent to a cloud storage facility, such as SkyDrive or Dropbox.

View the short Web Reporting overview video (Alchemex),

Or, View a Web Reporting training video (Sage Intelligence).